06 15 / 08 / 2017

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For the 2017 edition of the Brussels Summer Festival, the organizers – with the support of non-profit organization Almagic – put the necessary means in place to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility and people suffering from a handicap.

Almagic: puts the necessary equipment in place to facilitate autonomous access to the BSF sites:

  • accessible parkings

  • toilets

  • areas to enjoy concerts comfortably

  • rubber carpets

  • “CAP48” rolling plates

  • ramps and podiums

  • sidewalk cable-sleeves & cable-sleeves

  • complete signage placed at 2,5 m height for optimal visibility

More information in the online catalogue on the site www.almagic.org

You will find the Almagic booth on the Place Royale:

  • If you encounter a technical problem, the non-profit association can repair wheelchairs, replace a faulty bolt, lend you a wheelchair (electric or not –limited number), etc.

  • If you need to recharge your batteries (literally), a charging point is availableat their booth.

The toilets of the non-profit association are equipped to provide first aid if necessary.

The team: During the festival, a 15-persons team will have the sole mission to guarantee easy access to persons with reduced mobility or to persons suffering from a handicap, thus assuming a role of prevention, help and assistance.

How do I get tot he BSF?

Public transportation:

  • The metro station Gare Centrale (lines 1 and5) is accessible and equipped with an elevator.

  • Bus 71 is an ACCESSIBUS: you can access the festival from the “ROYALE” bus stop (for the Place des Palais and the Place du Musée) and “CENTRALE” (for the concerts at the Place de l’Albertine and in the Madeleine concert hall).

PRM Parking: Place Royale and rue des Sols (indicated by flags)

Ticket offices: The box offices at the Place des Palais and Albertina/Dynastie, offer a reserved queue.

During concerts: Near the two big stages, Place desPalais and Albertine, and in the Madeleine concert hall, areas are reserved to be able to enjoy the concerts comfortably. Bar service is available through our staff.

During concerts, you can be accompanied in the reserved areas by maximum 2 persons.

This year the Mont des Arts (Orang Stage) is not accessible through the side entrance (to be in the pit). A PRM zone is present on top of the stairs. There is a reserved entrance for the PRM and their 2 accompanying persons.

Telecoil system: For the concerts at the Place des Palais and Albertine, a telecoil system has been put into place.

You can call the BSF Hotline or send an e-mail to:



During the festival, don’t hesitate to call Almagic, who will be on site every day:
0485 + HANDICAP (0485 +426342)