The BSF is particularly concerned about environmental issues and each year reinforces its desire to reduce its ecological footprint.

Your participation as a festivalgoer for the environment is essential. Let’s act together for a better planet!

Eco team 💚

Throughout the festival, volunteers implement actions and ensure the cleanliness of the 3 concert sites, before, during and after the opening to the public.

Ecocups 🥤

The BSF has been using reusable cups for more than 8 years. They make it possible to reduce both the number of single use cups produced and therefore the amount of plastic, as well as the amount of waste on the festival site.

Waste sorting kit ♻️

Bruxelles Environnement, Bruxelles Propreté and Fostplus are collaborating with the festival and are making a waste sorting kit available to enable the public and the organisers to improve the sorting and cleanliness of the site during the event.

The objectives are as follows: to have quality sorting for waste, to keep the event site clean, to reduce/prevent waste that cannot be recycled or repurposed, to raise awareness among all festivalgoers and to motivate them to sort properly, whether they are at home or anywhere else.

Plant a tree 🌳

The BSF wants to give everyone the opportunity to offset a part of their ecological footprint. Thanks to the organisation Plant C, if you wish, when you buy your ticket you can donate an extra €1 to participate in the planting of trees.

Public transport 🚃 and two-wheelers 🚲

As the festival is located in the city centre of Brussels, it is well served by public transportation such as metro, bus and tram.

Reinforcement will also be provided in collaboration with the STIB to facilitate the return of festivalgoers later in the evening. The metro timetables are displayed on the stage screens. There is also a designated are reserved for festivalgoers wishing to come by bicycle.

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